Who would have guessed that smart phones would change so much of our daily lives? Every year since their introduction and widespread adoption, our lives have become more and more integrated through these technical marvels of connectivity. While email on the go seemed so impressive early on, it’s been routinely overshadowed by newer advancements in tech: from texting and messaging to video conference calls.

Key among these accomplishments is the ability to connect a wide variety of smart devices to help keep us in complete control of our home- all from the convenient touch screen of our Apple or Android phone. Whether you’re adjusting the thermostat so it’s nice and toasty when you get out of bed in the morning, or if you’re just preheating the oven for frozen pizza while you’re on the way home from grocery shopping, smart devices throughout our homes have added considerable comfort and convenience to our home life.

There’s more to smart devices than just making it easier to start up a cup of coffee- they can also make your home safer, and in some instances, even help you save on home insurance. With so many different devices on the market, you might be impressed to learn just how many options you have to help protect your investment, all while saving a few dollars on your monthly premium.

With savings in the 5-20% range, it’s certainly worth contacting your insurance provider and inquiring about discounts for utilizing smart devices around your home. While different insurers will have different guidelines on what devices or services may qualify you for a discount, here are some common devices that may be eligible:

  • Full home security system: While security systems have been in common use for decades, these systems have been integrated with WiFi systems and smartphone apps to make them easier to use on a daily basis while still offering immediate notification to you and emergency service should a problem arise. With so many home security systems on the market, with packages for almost every budget, there’s no reason you can’t bring your home’s protection into the future today.
  • Video Cameras: Video cameras for security have been around since the dawn of the television technology but have been brought up to modern standards with a full suite of new options for connectivity. Ranging from video doorbells that monitor your front door, to solar powered units that can be placed anywhere outside your home (even out on a fence, far away from other power sources), and even cameras that can be placed inside your home and give a constant feed to you when you’re away.
  • Automatic Sprinkler Systems: Again, while not new technology, sprinkler systems have been updated so they can be integrated into any smart-control home system. Sprinklers can activate and stop a fire before it becomes uncontrollable, or in the event of a more serious situation, can give you and your family the time necessary to safely escape the home.
  • Smart Locks: Never have to get up just to unlock the door for guests again. Remote control smart locks allow you to ensure your doors are secure. Not sure if you remembered to lock it before leaving for work? Just open the app on your phone and you’re good to go.
  • Smoke Detectors, Fire Alarms, C02 Monitors: Never forget to change the batteries in your smoke detector again! These devices will keep you notified if they’re running low on juice, well in advance. Not only do you have less maintenance to manage yourself, but you’ll also be notified via your phone as soon as any concerning reading is detected by the device. In conjunction with the rest of your devices, these alarms provide an excellent first line of defense- even if you’re not currently in the home.
  • Utility Shutoffs: When it comes to protecting your home, many focus on deterring burglary and protecting against fire damage. There are other possible threats to your home, including utilities that suffer a failure. A gas leak can be a major issue, and having a shutoff you can control remotely means you can protect your home even if you’re distant from it. The same goes for water shutoffs, which can help prevent major damage in the event of a frozen or destroyed water line.
  • Remote Control Lights: Surely you’ve heard the benefits of making your home appear occupied, even if you’re away at the store or on vacation. Being able to remotely control the lights of your home is just one way to help do that. The same goes for other remote functions, like playing music. These security functions are nice, especially on top of the existing convenience of such systems being around on a regular basis.
  • Water Detectors: In the event of a water leak or flood, you’ll be notified immediately of the problem. When it comes to water damage, the sooner it’s addressed, the less costly repairs will be.

Why do insurance companies offer these policy discounts for smart devices?
To put it simply, your insurance provider has the ultimate goal of nothing bad befalling your home or property, so by taking the time and effort to put a few fail-safe systems in place to help protect your investment, they are willing to recognize it and offer a discount. In fact, some policy providers may even offer partnerships with the security system device companies, getting them to you as a complimentary service, or at a discount.

Are smart devices right for you?
With more and more homes adopting smart devices, it makes sense to include a few aimed at helping protect your family and home from a wide range of potential hazards…especially since it can help save you money!