The days of bland and empty backyards are over. While pools, patios, and fire pits have always been popular, the past few years have proven that a large percent of homeowners view their backyard as more than just an outdoor space for a basic grill or playground. Outdoor living spaces have been repeatedly becoming a true extension of your home’s living spaces, featuring many amenities that help make them great spots to get some fresh air while still living your normal life. Appreciating good summer weather has never been easier, especially with these trendy upgrades for outdoor spaces.

  • Outdoor Dens – Movie night, hosting friends for evening drinks, watching the game, or just having dinner as a family out under the stars… there are many reasons why homeowners are now treating their backyard as a second living room. Flimsy, uncomfortable, and unattractive lawn furniture have been replaced by cozy benches with thick cushions, and in some cases, even outdoor sofas and recliners. Plush outdoor carpeting and rugs means barefoot evenings, and a few blankets can help keep the outdoor fun going even after the sun sets and temperatures start to drop. Want to create your own outdoor den? Start by creating a good platform- usually a patio or deck. These transitional spaces can help make the outdoors start to feel more like indoors, giving a cozy feel even when you want some fresh air.
  • Technology Connections – While the great outdoors are often viewed as the ideal spot to disconnect from our modern world and technology, it’s still great to be able to take advantage of the entertainment, convenience, and even security offered by modern technology. With Wi-Fi a standard fixture in most homes means you probably have a good connection even outside- making it unnecessary to burn through your monthly data. All you really need then is a source of power, and you’ll be able to connect a tablet, laptop, or even a smaller portable smart TV anywhere in your outdoor space! If you have an enclosed patio, you can even consider a permanently mounted TV. Want to take things to the next level? Consider making movie night a real celebration with a projector! It’s almost like having a drive in movie theater, in your own backyard! Worried you might bother the neighbors? Bluetooth headsets can easily be connected to many modern devices, allowing you to watch your movie in complete silence- all your neighbors will hear are the laughs and chuckles while you watch the newest family comedy film!
  • Power Up – Need a cover for your outdoor space? Consider adding solar panels to a pergola, adding extra power. Think outside the box and add some great additional comforts to your patio. Portable fans can help create a comforting breeze, while portable AC units originally designed for camping can really up the comfort by giving you a real way to chill out.
  • Outdoor Kitchens – Exploding in popularity over the past few years, outdoor kitchens remain one of the most popular upgrades for home owners looking to seriously invest in their outdoor living spaces. Gone are the days of a standalone grill- now, you can find full chef-approved kitchen sets with ovens, refrigerators, running water, and even a bar. Depending on your budget, these can range from prefabricated units, to custom-designed fixtures that match the look and style of your home.
  • Lighting and Security – Outdoor lighting comes in a staggering array of styles, and has always been a popular way to dress up any outdoor space. However, the real upgrade for this year, is smart lighting which can be controlled with your phone. Not only does this allow for you to set the mood of your lighting at a whim, but when combined with more affordable than ever Wi-Fi powered outdoor security cameras, you can use this lighting to make your home safer to enjoy!

Summer is the perfect opportunity to relax and play outdoors, so make sure your outdoor living spaces are ready! The right upgrades can turn your porch, patio, or deck into a luxurious spot for entertaining guests, playing with friends and family, or just relaxing by yourself. Make the most of those warm summer evenings this year, and enjoy!