Keeping up with housekeeping duties is part of being a responsible homeowner. From the laundry to cleaning up after dinner, the to-do list of tasks can seem never ending. One way to not check off those housekeeping tasks but to also check off the box of being eco-friendly is to switch out some of the standard cleaning supplies. After all, being eco-friendly is a key part of being a responsible citizen. Not only will these product swaps benefit the planet, but they could make your cleaning go faster, while also making your wallet happy!

  1. Swap your all-purpose cleaner with white vinegar – Fill a reusable bottle with a mixture of white vinegar and water to create an all-natural cleaning solution that you can use on almost any surface. You’ll want to avoid these items, such as countertops and electronic screens, which can be damaged by vinegar. If you’re not a fan of that strong vinegar smell, adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil will brighten the scent.
  2. Trade bleach-based cleaners for baking soda- When deep cleaning is needed, many reach for bleach. Bleach it’s a strong chemical compound…which can be dangerous for you, the environment, and any clothing you might spill it on. Baking soda can be used as a replacement, especially useful when combined with your vinegar cleaner. Here are fourteen clever ways you can put your baking soda cleaner to use!
  3. Replace paper towels with microfiber cloths – Paper towels are convenient but add up to a lot of wasted paper in the landfill, and can add up in expense over time. For small cleanups, a microfiber cloth is a great alternative. These cloths will absorb almost all liquids and oils and can spotlessly wash appliances and windows. When you need to clean them, rinse them off in the sink, or let them go for a spin in the washing machine- or even a cycle through the dishwasher.
  4. Recycle those Dryer Sheets- Although dryer sheets may get a bad rap for contributing to the landfill issue, they get rave reviews when they are recycled and reused as one of the best dust-busters ever conceived. Ditch the disposable dusters and make use of your old dryer sheets. Their anti-static coating will help displace dust and even pet hair.
  5. Switch to dryer balls – Never heard of dryer balls before? While they come in many sizes and shapes, they are typically made of tightly compressed wool and are used in place of dryer sheets. They will prevent clothing from clumping together, help them dryer faster, soften the fabric, and reduce static electricity. They are reusable and there are some that can be used for up to 1,000 loads of laundry! Try dabbing the dryer ball with your favorite essential oils to get that fresh scent so associated with clean laundry.
  6. Purchase biodegradable sponges- Dishwashing can be green too! Bio-degradable sponges are durable and reusable, and can be freshened up in the dishwasher between uses. Unlike a typical plastic sponge, these are environmentally friendly and can be added to a compost pile.

Cleaning is a necessity, but there’s no reason it has to be bad for the environment. Consider switching to these eco-friendly cleaning alternatives, and you can help save the planet- and that is a good feeling all the way around!