Owning your own home is a part of the American dream, and for many, being able to build your own home from scratch is the ultimate dream come true. Once you’ve found the perfect parcel of land, you have to begin the process of finding the right home builder build that dream home.

As with any project, hiring the right people can make all the difference in the world. When it comes to hiring the right builder, here are a few tips to get your started.

  • List your options- Begin by searching for builders in your area who create homes which suit your lifestyle and taste. Not all builders may be qualified to build a home that meets your wants and needs. While a quick Google search may uncover some options, ask around and try to find referrals from family, friends and others who you know have tackled building their own home.
  • Do your homework- Once you’ve narrowed your builder choices to a shortlist, get in touch with them and get to know them. Find out if they’re willing to work with you and your project and if their schedule can accommodate your timeline. Meet with them and discuss the project. If possible, talk to their previous clients and inspect homes they’ve built in the past. While you’re focused on quality of the workmanship, don’t forget to ask about other aspects of the process: have their previous projects been completed on time, and within budget?
  • Learn about the Subcontractors- The best builders work with a team of craftsmen who bring experience and skill to the project. Some builders work with the same team on many projects which can often bring an extra element of synergy to your home building process. If possible, meet with these subcontractors and inspect their previous work and references as well. Most professionals will be more than happy to accommodate the inquiries of a serious potential client.
  • Discuss your project- While you may have a set of features in mind for your home, builders may have thoughts of their own that should be taken into account. If a builder has passed muster thus far, begin to really discuss the specifics of your project. Some builders are more flexible than others, and may not be willing to accommodate specific elements of your proposed design. Be sure that you and your builder are on the same page before beginning work!
  • Consider outside factors- Builders cannot control all aspects of a project, such as material shortages and delays or the weather. Discuss contingencies with your contractor. If you’re on a tight timeline to get the project completed, consider some alternatives for materials or appliances that could help avoid delays. Some builders have a network of associates that can help minimize these outside factors and keep your project moving ahead on schedule.

Keep the dream of building your own home alive by finding the right professional builder. Do your research and keep an open line of communication between the builder and key members of their team, and you’ll have a custom home to call your home before you know it!