There’s more to moving than just packing your things up in boxes, throwing on a description with your favorite Sharpie, and then loading up a moving truck. Buying, selling, and eventually moving – it’s a trifecta of change that intimidates many homeowners. While some might find the prospect of moving thrilling and exciting, others might feel anxious at the thought. It can be difficult to overcome the emotional attachment to anywhere you’ve called home. There is a lot of change which requires a lot of adjustment that goes into moving.

For those apprehensive about moving, it’s important to realize that sometimes, even the most beloved home simply isn’t cutting it anymore. There are many reasons why it’s time you move on and find somewhere that better fits your needs today. Are you starting to wonder if it’s time to move? Here are 6 telltale signs that it’s time to give us a call and get more information.

  1. Your House is too Small – More often than not, a lack of space is the driving factor for making a move. The needs of young families change as new children come into the mix. As those kids become teens, more private space is often needed. Do you have room for everyone to park their cars? Maybe you really need a second laundry room, or a bigger kitchen. Whatever the reason, if your home is too small: it’s probably time to move!
  2. Your House is too Large – Life changes! When the kids move out, sometimes it’s best to cut back on the size of your home. Managing a large house that was meant for a full family can take up time you may prefer pursuing other interests? While it’s important to have enough space, it’s also important to not have too much space- you’ll be paying more on insurance, taxes, maintenance, heating and cooling, and more.
  3. Your House is Too Expensive – Homeownership is filled with responsibility, from paying the mortgage to utilities and maintenance. Sometimes, a house could start to cost more than you expected…perhaps even more than you can afford. Long term issues can become repair nightmares, with the potential to turn your happy home into a money-pit you need to walk away from. If your home needs additions or major renovations to better suit your living conditions, you have to factor in the cost of the financial commitment and the extra time it takes to complete the projects.
  4. Neighborhood changes – The neighborhood you moved into may not be the same neighborhood you’re living in today. While the names and streets might be the same, the people and the places might have changed. Some neighborhoods decline over time and lose value. A once-quiet neighborhood might become a busy shopping district after a new mall is built. There’s more to neighborhood value than just dollar amounts- every neighborhood has practical values- quiet, low traffic, friendly neighbors, good safety, etc. The perfect home might not be perfect anymore when its not in an area suited to your likes and needs.
  5. Change of Scenery – Good weather and pretty scenery don’t have to be reserved for vacations anymore. If you’re tired of shoveling snow and driving on ice, why not move to somewhere with abundant sunshine and palm trees? While it’s been common for retirees to move to warmer climates, it’s now an option for more people, thanks to work from home programs instituted across many industries.

It’s not unusual to want to stay where you are, but sometimes it makes sense to consider the pros of what a move might do for you. The best part? There’s no commitment. You can start researching your options before ever reaching for a “For Sale” sign or calling a mover.