With temperatures continuing to rise, summertime is right around the corner. While the season may not officially begin for a few more weeks, it’s hard not to get excited. Whether you have plans to be soaking in the sunshine on a far-away beach, or plan on spending your summer relaxing around the house, summer is one of the most special times of the year, a rare opportunity to focus on relaxing and having a little fun! It’s also a great opportunity to give your home a seasonal makeover, embracing all the best of current trends while giving your home the look and feel of a fun summer destination.

Here are five ways you can affordably update your home’s décor this summer, without breaking the bank or taking too much time away from fun to get the makeover done.

  1. Summer is a Season of Colors – Depending on who you ask, summer can be associated with many colors- from bright sunny shades of yellow, to lush green like a landscaped yard, and bright blues like the sky. There’s almost too many great options to consider! While your first instinct for “adding color” might be to break out the brushes and paint, there are easier and less permanent ways to transform your space with some fun summer shades. There are countless ways to add color without painting, but if you want to start a summer DIY art project for the kids, consider making some pastel art you can hang up. Start with affordable canvases, prime them white, and then paint them in your favorite colors. You’ll be adding a quick dose of extra color without needing the commitment of actually painting an entire room. When summer’s over, you can just take the paintings down and store them until next year.
  2. Changing Up your Furniture – Furniture is cumbersome to move and expensive to replace, but there are easy ways to get a new look without all the work! When it comes to summer, it’s hard to beat the look and feel of a soft, cool white couch. Start with a white slipcover, and then add throw pillows that will help add some more color to your space. The same goes for bedrooms- don’t discount the benefit of changing out bedsheets and pillowcases to help make the room feel brighter. Curtains are also a great opportunity to make a big change for a comparatively small price tag, with lots of colors and shades available at budget prices at various stores. Don’t be afraid to look online- you never know who’s going to have a sale! Consider adding some royal blue curtains alongside your new white couch to help create a nautical theme; perfect for those dreaming of spending their time on the water this summer!
  3. Updating your Lighting – Lighting trends come and go, but offer many options on changing the ambiance of a room. Choosing a style that fits in your home is important. If you’re not sure on changing your style, consider improving what you already have- by adding more efficient bulbs, or dimmer switches that can help create a better atmosphere in your space. Don’t be afraid to get creative- string lighting can help give an outdoor atmosphere even inside your home! While you’ll be using natural lighting more during the summer months, don’t be afraid to experiment with the artificial lighting too.
  4. Adding Outdoor Accents – When it comes to summertime fun, a lot of it happens outdoors. Whether you’re thinking about staying at a summer camp cabin in the woods or a charming little beach bungalow, everyone has some memories of summer and connect it with the outdoors. Add some outdoor elements into your home to help link the two together- sea shells, potted plants, wicker furniture and even rugs that look like beach towels are all easy ways to give your home’s interior décor that outdoor feeling that just says summer.
  5. Freshen up the Exterior – While you’re thinking about ways to make your interior feel more like the outdoors, don’t neglect the opportunity to make your outdoor living spaces feel a little more indoor too! A comfortable outdoor space on a patio or deck is the ultimate summer destination for anyone looking to enjoy those long summer evenings without having to leave the comfort of their own home. Freshen up your outdoor furniture with a fresh coat of colorful paint and get some new cushions that will compliment it. Red, white, and blue is a popular color combo. Outdoor lighting can make your outdoor space more usable even after the sun goes down.

Summertime is almost here.  Have some fun getting ready for all those good vibrations up ahead! Making your home look great can be fun and easy, and it’s a great opportunity to get the whole family involved.