Fall comes like clockwork every year! While the season officially begins on the 22nd, it can be hard to say when exactly the leaves will begin to fall and temperatures will drop into the realm of sweaters and scarves. Now is the perfect time to tackle some of those home projects you might’ve put off the last few months, while preparing for cooler weather ahead! Both inside and out, make sure to give your home and property a comprehensive once over to ensure you aren’t forgetting any of these maintenance projects.

  • Is your lawn ready for fall? If you want a great looking lawn come spring, you need to make sure its prepared for the coming fall and winter ahead. According to the pros at This Old House, it’s important to keep the maintenance going well into fall. Watering and cutting the lawn are just small parts of keeping your lawn healthy. Once it’s too cold to keep mowing, be sure to leave the clippings on lawn to help trap moisture near the soil and help keep your grass hydrated for a few extra weeks as we enter even colder weather.
  • Trim Branches and Bushes. Before fall arrives, it’s a good idea to trim any overgrown spots or branches from trees and bushes. This can help the plants come back stronger next spring, and can mean fewer leaves to have to rake! Be sure to remove all dead growths or trees- winter winds and snow can turn dead branches into hazards to your home.
  • Inspect your driveway, walkways, and patio. The combination of cold weather and snow/ice can wreak havoc on concreate and asphalt. Fill any cracks while it’s still warm out.
  • Check for drafts. Both doors and windows can be common spots for air leaks in your home. Once the temperature drops, your hot air will be sneaking out- leaving you in the cold, and inflating your heating costs! There are lots of great ways to fix drafty doors and windows.
  • Prepare your heating and air systems. Speaking of keeping your home toasty warm, you’ll want to check your heating and air systems before it’s freezing out! Clean or replace filters, along with ducts. If your need any repairs, be sure to call a professional! If necessary, winterize any outdoor AC components that you won’t be using for the next few months.
  • Clean up after Summer Fun. Summer is a great time of year, with lots of fun- and a few chores- to be had along the way. Now is the time to make sure that you’ve cleaned everything up before putting them away for the year. Don’t leave your shed filled with dirty, rusty tools. Clean and oil any tools you store in the garage or shed. Wash your outdoor furniture and store cushions inside. Clean and drain your lawn mower and other yard tools. Most importantly, make sure to deep clean your grill: you don’t want a nasty, dirty grill when you want to grill next spring!

As the seasons change, there are projects to be done to get your home ready. Preparing your home can go a long way in helping prevent damages over the next few months and can help you save money while cutting down on stress. Great home maintenance goes a long way to protecting your most valuable asset!